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01-03-2013, 10:34 AM
I don't particularly mind the Reputation System myself, but I do feel that the costs are too high in many areas for Dilithium. Yes we can all earn more dilithium now but the refinement cap is still too low. When you got Fleet Projects that are in the hundreds of thousands and then you've got reputation projects, it's not always going to be easy. Vanity projects annoy me the most, I don't see why making your Starbase look pretty should cost so much or even cost Dilithium at all (Starbase Provisions would be better IMO).

My fleet is gradually working through the Starbase Projects, but it does get disheartening at times, especially when we've got our own gear to work on. Many may say "Don't join a fleet" or "Join a bigger fleet", but I don't see why we should have to, not joining a fleet would be another aspect of the game I'm missing out on and the projects should be scaled based on Fleet Size (unique account names).

The increase in cost of upgrading the DoFF's is insane and trying to earn EC by crafting seems pointless, unless your swimming in dilithium. I make a few kits now and then to sell and make my EC that way or through drops in STFs, Events etc but it would be nice to see an importance bought back to crafting.

In all honesty, the dilithium system has been implemented so poorly, we'd be better off without it. If Cryptic spent less time worrying about throwing out content and new over powered ships at us and more time spent on fine tuning what we have and working out the bugs etc, people would still continue to spend money because we'd be getting a better service.

I also agree on the Gold Members situation. I feel that the extra perks a gold member gets over a free player is not alot and a suggestion like getting a higher return on Marks, Dilithium with STF runs or a reduction on project costs would be nice.

A free service is still a service and you shouldn't have to accept something so poor at times and even more so for the ones like myself who have put money into this game, be it with LTS or Pay Monthly.

You'd think they read their forums, but half the time it feels that they read what people want and then give us the opposite. I hope S8 gives us alot more to cheer about.

"We're doing it wrong, but it's working...."