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01-03-2013, 10:35 AM
Just like the OP said, get rid of the timers. I too suffer from the compulsion to just sit and grind. Done that for many games and it feels rewarding to me. Here, I can barely be bothered with just staring at a menu and a timer. That is not content nor gameplay. Funny that I say that because I have adored the DOFF system from the very first day it was released live.

The old drop system was fine. People were not as unlucky as they claim. They were just pissed they couldn't trick out their ships with MK XII gear as fast as you could with EDC gear. I think Cryptic just didn't put much thought into creating a compelling system for earning gear. Creating more currency (wasn't dilithium suppose to be THE answer to all of the uber old currencies prior to F2P?) and resource gates has got to be one of the greatest MMOG cop outs around.