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Started the game little over a month and getting a better understanding of it now. Trying to get most out of Doffs is confusing. Few questions ..

1) One is limited to 100 Doffs unless you go the c-store to increase your upper limit. With about 60+ Doffs I can now run 22 assignments. Short time ago before picking one duty pack and cashing in commendations or pick-ups at exchange I was limited to 20 assignments or less. Do the maximum number of assignments increase as you have more Doffs?

1a) is there limit to number of any specific type of Doff? Have a bunch of colonists using for snowball fights and got a message recently that I hit the limit for number of civilians

2) Stacking how does it work? If I have two specialists (white and green) who can decrease the recharge time for Space:evasion does their benefit stack or take the greatest chance? The white Doffs offers I think 2-second recharge bonus and the green Doff is 3-seconds. So do I get 5-second recharge or some other number?

2a) another stacking question on percentages. I got a blue Doff that offers chance to spread a Viral Matrix (cool if I could use it) and say I pick up another Doff that offers the same advantage how does that mechanic work. Does it check each Doff indvidually when I activate such a power or does it add the percentage the special effect will be triggered.

3) No benefit? I picked up several security Doffs and several offer bonus or chance to add extra security officers when that power is activated. As a engineer I dont have access to that power so the extra on those Doffs offers me no advantage in play? So from a play perspective I should pick up security that might help beam down extra mortars or drones?

4) So I have my merry band of Boffs and they have powers for space and ground. If I have a engineer Boff set up their quantum mortar does the possiblity of extra beamed down mortar occur for them?

I will check out the guide material and add to my crew as I go along but I hope to do it wisely depending on Doff abilities and my career choices. Thanks in advance.

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