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01-03-2013, 09:56 AM
in snowball piles or the competitive race if you come first you get 12 tags it takes 6 to do a tag thingy duty officer job and even if you lose or just walk it lol you get 2 i belive come second its 6 third 3 but 2 no matter what unless you fly off the edge of the track and are disqualified. you can run this race as many times as it pops up daily. from the beam in point near q go out to the race for autographs look right should be 6 7 snowmen the path behind them leads you down the yellow brick road (lol just messing sorry) but do indeed follow the path thats where the race begins. its at 15 past every hour on the hour and 22 mins past also 15 past half and 22 past half i belive someone might need to post correct timings.