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01-03-2013, 11:04 AM
Let me be the first to say that your build is good and few if any changes are necessary.

Now to the bad news. The problem is not your build but that you're an engineer. I know bc my first character is an engineer and used to fly the excelsior. And engineer simply can't do the dps of a tac and can't rebuffed like a sci. It's a fact, can't get around it. So an engineer is not optimal in a cruiser to do enough dps to kill someone 1vs1. A tac could overwhelm defenses while a sci could remove those defenses. It was a difficult reality to come to for me but once I did my game experience improved dramatically. I created new characters, a sci and a tac and put them in escorts. My engineer in switched to the science odyssey and went pure healer/tank. Last night my fleet went up against another fleet in the Q's and even though it wasn't easy we won 15-0 and I healed for over 2.6 million. At one point I was tanking 3 while my teammates started killing the remaining 2 against 4. They thought they would kill me if I got separated but i simply distracted them from my teammates. Much more valuable than trying to go for kills.

I hope this has been informative and good luck!