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01-03-2013, 10:12 AM
Since you posted here about it, I'm going to respond to it here. I agree, proactive is the way, but despite the fact that we are suppose to be customers, they would like to think that we're wrong and their right. It's not about what we want, it's about what they want. Convincing them that Foundry is probably one of the only reasons STO still thrives is going to be tough, but I think doable. Now, I'd like to say your method of approach to solving the issue, is probably the only thing we can do. But I think it is safe to say that a lot of people make it known what they need/want in their own words.

Now, one thing that I think you're missing is a website, for a potentially big project such as this. If you got the willing authors, then you already have a project to work on if you can get those authors to act more than just agree. Also, besides the 4 points you brought up on what should be there (and I'd say a number of serious Foundry authors would agree to that), is to get a survey together to see how many other authors would agree to those, and even the players themselves to see if they feel Foundry missions are lacking in something authors can't provide. That in its self would likely be another key to convincing Cryptic that Foundry should get better looked at.

Also, I do believe that people would indeed try something terrible that would make Cryptic look bad. I've seen players downrate simply because there was no nudity. Take someone like that and make him a Foundry author, and I'd bet he'd put something 'ugly' on a map. So, if Foundry was given less restrictions as it should it would likely indeed make it easier for 'ugly' things to appear. This is why I think Cryptic should restrict on who can author Foundry missions by giving them a few 'tests' by having them create a few missions to be tested by GM's just to see what kind of missions that player would build. If the player passes their test, they get to be an author, and their works published, but if not, they don't and their missions aren't published. That would seem reasonable to me.
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