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01-03-2013, 11:25 AM
I'm feelin' ya Centersolace. I've got lots of Zen right now (I'd stocked up on a previous Zen Sale, then got a few gift cards for Christmas), and when I saw the costume sale I was like "Woot!", but then when I actually logged-in to game and realized I've already purchased all available costumes, I was like "Sad Panda".

I'm kind of ambiguous on Lock Boxes. I like how much cash they make for the game (meaning the game is likely to stay around for me to play), but I'm none-to-keen to buy them (much) myself... Well, ok, I have, and likely will continue to buy a handful of keys from time-to-time, but mostly that's just my stipend... A little gambling is good for the soul, but only in seriously limited quantities. And really, if anything does come out I want, I've so far found it easiest to just buy it off the exchange, removing the Chance Factor.

Even new C-Store ships... Prior to F2P there were a couple of big ship sales (at one point they were even 50% off!) and I bought many ships then (I did skip a couple, but got most). Since then there have been new ships released that I haven't purchased yet, but I'm still kind of like: Why?

I mean, I'm pretty happy with what I have now already on my 20-some alts... Each alt is using one of the ships I've already purchased, or some other in-game ship. I haven't seen anything that makes me want to level a new toon, just so they can go through all the grind to get the gear, then buy a ship, then replay all the same missions for the two-dozenth time...

Back in the day, my Main/Favorite-at-the-Time toons could grind Emblems, and/or Craftables and work up gear for any alt I created. All I had to do was the easy grind to End Game, and >poof< My new toon could have all the primo gear I was able to get through the time I played on my Mains. Now that all the Good Stuff is mostly locked behind individual-character (not account) achievement... I'm not re-grinding Rep and Fleet systems on every toon. No thanks.

So yeah, alts for more ships? Not really an option for me anymore.

C-Store? I wish there were more costumes. I do still like and purchase those. But to really start getting more of my cash, they're going to have to develop more content worthwhile, I guess. Until then, I've got a mountain of Zen I'm sitting on and wondering what to do with it.

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