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I?m fully on board.

As for the lists, a lot of that work is done, but scattered in request, complaint and bug report threads on the forum, we would need one one or more people to go through and collate it all into one document (with nice headers, table of contents, etc) print it up, get it bound and then deliver it to Cryptic. Hand-delivered would be ideal, but mail would do. I think a physical copy might have more impact than anything digital. Sign it with all our names (@handles or real names, for those willing to put that forward).

As for the mission series. It?s been talked about before but not done to my knowledge. I think it would be really cool though to essentially create a Foundry Season. 24 episodes, just like the shows used to do including one-offs and ?bottle shows? but some kind of overall plot thread, akin to a DS9 season. Break it down like a real season, plot it out ahead of time, have people sign up to ?direct? a certain episodes throughout. Then get all the episodes done and start releasing them one a week like a real TV show.

I?ve even got an idea for that overarching plot thread. I?ve been thinking about all the complaints that the Federation in STO isn?t the one we know and love. Wars on every front, ignoring the prime directive, etc etc. Maybe there?s a reason for that. Maybe there?s something rotten at the heart of the Federation government, harkening back to ?Conspiracy? from TNG, heck maybe its even those same aliens. IDK, but let?s take it on ourselves to explain over the course of a season why the Federation is what it is today and maybe give the player a chance to change it back. What do you think?
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