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# 24 Same here
01-03-2013, 11:00 AM
I too cannot access my account. I changed my G-Mail password awhile back and forgot what I changed it to. Google does not have a live support team. Everything is automated. Sorry if I can't fill out an automated form saying who I E-Mailed the most from my E-Mail address in the last SIX YEARS Google! I used my e-mail to sign up for crap like this. Not send people stupid little letters everyday of my life. Of course Google doesn't have a form for people like me so unless you have 5 pen pals you write daily you're screwed out of getting your account back. Now I try to start playing Star Trek again after all this time and I realize that even though I still remember the username and password to my account I can't play the game. SUCH GARBAGE! I'd rather have a chance of somebody hacking my account than not being able to use my own account. This is SOOOOO dumb! I need to change my E-Mail address but I can't do it without my old E-Mail address. Bleh!