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Originally Posted by glasswords View Post
So is this all hearsay or is there some evidence to back it up? I'd love to get an "official" reply since we're all undoubtedly opinionated and confused.

At least we all agree that two times twenty is something greater than twenty.
Yes, it is easy to prove that there are no tactical console diminishing returns. Just plot the damage curve as you add / remove consoles!


Originally Posted by shar487a
I just plotted damage numbers using my Mk XII AP DHC in tactical space with zero thru four antiproton mag regulators Mk XI (28.1% bonus damage per console). Here are the results:

0 AP mag regulator = 990.1 DPS
1 AP mag regulator = 1071.8 DPS, gain +81.7 DPS
2 AP mag regulator = 1153.2 DPS, gain +81.4 DPS
3 AP mag regulator = 1234.8 DPS, gain +81.6 DPS
4 AP mag regulator = 1316.3 DPS, gain +81.5 DPS

There are slight variances in DPS gain due to round-off truncations, but damage gains are otherwise constant. Based on this information, there are no visible diminishing returns with tactical consoles.
Don't take my word for it... you can plot your own numbers from the game and see for yourself!

EDIT: To the Forum Mods -- is there any way to sticky this info so that the answer doesn't keep getting forgotten?

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