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01-03-2013, 11:19 AM
What I would love to see with the Reputation is better sorting of rewards or projects, the Mark X, XI, XII get bunched in a list, everything is just in a long list. Yes you can up or down arrow the little section, but it will not remember that once the character screen is closed. I'd like to see gear totally separate in Mark value with sections of Space, and Ground as a start.

Another improvement would be to actually list what I am getting. The MACO stuff will display the item I'm getting with full details. The Romulan stuff on the other hand only says it will unlock MK (tier here) Purple Rifles. Which I unlocked only to find there are NO split beams!

Plus the whole fact you have to do projects to get to the Tier level, I get that, but then have to "claim" the tier reward, then pay to unlock each weapon type, then pay who knows what for the actual item in the store, as it doesn't even tell you how much they will cost after you've spend the resource just to View it in the store tab.

Very Rare Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays Mk XII... ok what are they? What are the stats, the procs? Can I get a better one in the Exchange for a few million EC instead. No way to tell ATM. It just seems as a big rushed joke. I'll admin I have been only playing for 3 months now so perhaps this is the best of the best way of doing things in comparison to the past.