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01-03-2013, 12:23 PM
If they really want to fix weapon imbalances in this game. (which we know they do not)

All they have to do is return to the OLD weapon drain system.

The one that favored Engis with Nadion and EPS Heavily.... and forced escorts with 4 dhc to run 2-3 EPS units to keep that sort of setup feed.

Your right the issue right now is your power just automajixly Returns the second the weapon cycle is finished... making DHC king. (they where still king before... it just forced people dedicating there entire weapon array to Energy to run at min 1 EPS unit... I think with the skill revamp and the extra bit of EPS everyone gets no for free the system would NOT screw over pve people that refuse to run EPS units for STFS)
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