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01-03-2013, 11:32 AM
Off in the moorlands of Ayrshire, left untouched due to unstable minshafts below, Amuro lay between the rolling mounds, reflecting on fallen allies as he catches his breath.

"Ready to try again?" Cagalli asked. She was holding a PADD linked in to the mobile hologenerator that stood beside her.

"Tell me again, just how does this thing work?" I asked, pointing to the belt and a strange device in my other hand, which looked like an early 21st century communications device.

Cagalli shook her head "Again, using Quantum entanglement theory, a permanent transporter fix is maintained between the belt, and the armoury aboard the Aquarion. A modified transporter in the armoury houses one half of a quantum entangled pair of particles, the other being in the belt itself. Through this pairing, the armoury can beam a suit of armour around your body, provided you can maintain the required position to accept the transport." She drew a deep breath, almost to higlight her frustration... again.

"Wait... whaddaya mean,'accept the transport'?!" I asked, emphasising my point with airquotes.

"Well... If your out of position by more than an inch or two, the transport sort of... fouls with your anatomy..." Cagalli sighed.

"NOW YOU TELL ME! I COULD'VE LOST SOMETHING IMPORTANT!! LIKE MY-" I started, but before I could finish, we were interrupted by my XO and wife, Zazhid.

"Head, I believe you were about to say."Zazhid said while tilting her head, smiling. "I really don't believe Cagalli would let you try something so dangerous without a safeguard, would she?"

"Indeed, there is a safety in the command protocol that shuts off at the first sign of fouling, plus the transport is adjusted to match the micro-nodes Zazhid has sewn into your uniform, so it shoudn't foul in the first place. And the control device won't activate if the phase variance drops below three times standard transport tolerance.

Let's begin the first phase, use code 335 for this test." Cagalli shifted the subject, tapping away at the PADD, causing the projector to display a solid stone wall. "Remember the safeties are disengaged, so that will feel like a real brick wall!"

"Alright..." I mumbled while entering the code. 3. 3. 5. Enter.

"Standing by..." The control device droned in a snide tone.

"Henshin!" I spoke into the device before slotting it into the buckle of the belt, holding my left arm out to my side as I had trained for this test.

"Complete." The belt droned in the same snide tone.

A solid plate of plasteel enveloped my arm, separating my body from the servos and electronics of the powered armour. I felt the transport complete as the weight of my arm dramatically increased.

"Whoa, it's heavy!" I winced at Cagalli.

"It'll be much more tolerable when the entire set is complete. Til then, just suck it up." Cagalli said, mockingly.

"Easy for you to say, little miss behemoth" I muttered under my breath.

I cautiously made my way over to the 'wall', cocking back my arm, and threw my entire body weight behind an almighty right hook...

"Amuro!" Zazhid and Cagalli both cried out, Cagalli also placing her face into her palm.

"What?" I asked.

Thus began the most surreal confab I have experienced, between myself and Cagalli.

"code 335 forms the left gauntlet, right?" Cagalli started off.

"Yeah."I responded.

"And you just punched through a 'solid stone wall'."


"A solid stone wall with your Right arm." Cagalli's antennae twitched.

"Ohhh... you sure?"I asked, jokingly while confused. Cagalli sighed and ended our confab with 3 short words.

"Just look down..."

So I did, and sure enough, I had punched through the 'solid stone wall' with my bare right arm, as my left hung there like a dead weight.

"Oww." I muttered. "Why didn't I feel anything though? Maybe the safeties weren't as disabled as you thought?" I started to wonder, but those questions were answered for us as the wall flickered, fading away to reveal I had punched clean through the generator, a thick ooze of unusually vibrant blood oozing from a deep wound between my index and middle finger.

"This ain't right..." I said, just before passing out.

I woke up in the all too familiar Sick Bay aboard the Aquarion, my left arm in a sling, my right without bandage or plaster.

"What gives, Doc?" I asked Jelun... but he wasn't there.

Only myself, Zazhid and Cagalli were in the room.

"Amuro, what we say here does not leave this room, for your own safety." Zazhid said in a hushed tone before leaving.

"Wha?" I mumbled, unable to get my bearings.

"It seems that during our battles together, some interaction between us has had a peculiar side-effect" Cagalli began one of her monologues. I motioned as though to speak, but she placed her finger to my lips and continued, "Let me finish." I just nodded.
"At some point, we have had, somewhat of an intimate moment, as it seems some of my genetic material has passed on to you."

I raised an eyebrow, surely she can't be serious.

"I am serious, and don't even think about calling me Shirley, even as a joke. Now, this transferrance has melded into your own DNA, altering your bodies' design. Your muscle and bone density have increased, the repair centre of your brain is working at 500% 'normal' capacity... and you also weigh 380 lbs when you should only weigh 150" She said, cracking a smile. "Pretty much everything that an Augment was, minus the psychosis... so far"

"So that's the reason for the secrecy" I blurted out as I realised what was going on.

"I have to ask; Why did you push for the test, knowing the armour needs to be complete before you can wear it?"

"Oh, it's part of my New Year's resolution: To never leave anyone behind again, even if it means dying to do so. I figure pushing for this test would give you a bit of a push to finish quicker, heh" I chuckled, then clutched my rib in agony "I guess I broke my arm and a few ribs landing on the gauntlet, huh."

"Pretty much." Cagalli nodded, "You'll be fine in a few hours, trust me." Cagalli turned to leave, but I still wanted to ask her one thing.

"Hey! What is your New Year's resolution?" I asked.

Cagalli turned, a single tear making it past her normally steely facade "To find my Son."
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