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01-03-2013, 11:48 AM
I do think that a range bonus would help with more varied play styles, especially cruisers loaded with beams.

For cannons I'd personally limit the range based on the arc, so dual and dual heavy cannons would have more range than single cannons and turrets.

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the 10 km for cannons feel strange anyway, when the shots start to follow the target
Personally I'd rather see cannons fire "realistically"; instead of hit or miss essentially being decided in advance, the accuracy would determine how well the cannon can lead (aim ahead of) its target. So while cannons may still have a good max range they wouldn't be as effective at extreme range since they'd miss more often if the enemy changes direction. Maybe with a small damage buff to compensate if it proves too big a change. Abilities like scatter shot would function as normal.

Ranges could be a great way to differentiate some ships; for example, there is a ton of discussion about the Dreadnought Cruiser, but if ranges were involved then a boost to weapon range could make a big difference to its offensive capabilities.