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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
before you flat out "give up" do you try to organize your pug team by saying "focus fire and stick together"? its amazing how effective a little communication can go in this game, even against "premades". not all 5 man teams from the same fleet are a premade. sometimes theyre just grouped together.
Again, speaking honestly and from my own experiences, after a point i gave in on communication, its either ignored fully or ridiculed (e.g. i have been in elite STFS and been told off for "talking too much"..), or ultimately not enough, ill not deny im not the strongest, and even if i can get 2/3 people to focus fire with me, the damage is glanced off and patched up all too quickly, (while getting pugs to cross heal can be like taking blood from a stone :p)

While true, i find it hard that coincidence would give 5 people from the same fleet,.. so many times :p, i guess i can agree there

And there is always the true statement 'fight premade with premade' but quick answer, i dont want to. its such a hassle, i would much rather see specific pvp instances for fleets/premades and pugs
though i know that can never happen, seeing how hard it is to get a match going sometimes can be..
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