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01-03-2013, 12:12 PM
q's Winter Wonderlands crashing me out more then any Cryptic Closed or open beta has ever done..
I have a Nvidia with the latest drivers rated as a DX 10 card..
code ? internal errors from instructions being sent to the card.
unhandled exceptions.
now a Nv_4 .. its a fresh install on newest card driver and WIN XP SP3 DX does not require update drivers digi signed WHQL cert. real copy of card and OS.

Creative assembly -Total War II has a Nvidia optimizer macro built into the game doesn't crash card-

Bioware SW TOR - never feeds crash codes to Nvidia card. like this..
Best played on Specific OEM anything only goes so far.. I never see any optimize guide or special patches put out for Cryptic STO or Champions. Yet both have proved many hours of quality enjoyment and colourful game play options.
Your customize options as a former GOLD.. converted to Silver are still quite nice but only when this doesn't crash at the slightest use doing mundane simple Seasonal events.
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