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01-03-2013, 12:34 PM
They frown on account sharing.

I think if we set down a few overarching ground rules and if we begin each mission title with a tag, like [FoundryForward] or some such, it'll be easy to find. Plus we'd hype the frack out of each release, lol.

If I were running it, what I'd do is sit down everyone that was interested over skype and work out the overall plot and everything they want to see in the season in broad strokes (like would we want some of the usual star trek tropes like time travel, mirror universe, etc.), then come up with a basic episode list with a sort of simple plot (like 1 sentence) for each with some notes. For example:

Episode 16: Player crew travels back in time for some reason. One-off, no recurring characters.
Episode 17: Player finds evidence of the conspiracy on Jupiter Station. Serial plot episode. Recurring characters X and Y appear.

Etc. Then it would be up to whomever signs up for those episodes to come up with a script and build on their own, with some input from the group, but essentially autonomous. I'd set someone up as a "script supervisor" to make sure no internal continuity gets broken. All the authors who sign up would agree to help edit and test missions.
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