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01-03-2013, 01:52 PM
I believe that the new system is a huge improvement over the random loot tables we had before. I played more than 400 STFs and NEVER completed a single MK XII set (space or ground) on my FED and KDF toons. It was utterly frustrating!

I agree the new system needs some fine tuning (things cost a little too much, etc...) but I take the new system over the old anytime.

If I run 400 STFs on the new system I will receive at least:

75 Omega marks (yes, I always get the optional. Just don't pug!) = 30.000 total
960 dil x 400 = 384000 dil
1 BNP x 400 = 400 BNP (there are missions where I get 6 or 11)

With these rewards I can get pretty much what I need (I dont need every set on its X, XI and XII variants, only XII).
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