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01-03-2013, 01:14 PM
1) I'm still firmly standing behind Aux cannons (DHCs, to make it clear for some).

That off course leads to having full Aux power. That means you can fire off instantly any off your sci abilities and get amazing mileage out of them, no need to wait till power transfers to Aux or to use a battery (aren't they having a terrible CD?).

That off course leads to using not Weapon power dependent weapons in the rear slots, as in torps, mines (the somewhat OP trics, for instance). Torps have a setback in that you can't really fire them when using the Aux DHCs without turning. Mines can always be released.

A large arc Weapon power based weaponry only has use if you use it for "special effects", not for DPS. Thus throwing one Beam array to use with Subsystem targetting makes some sense (oh, if only we had 360 degree beams).

2) Clearly, what I just wrote means that if you want to use the Vesta with the typical Escort setup (DHCs, turrets), Aux DHCs are worthless.

Then however, you loose the unique Vesta's feature in that you'll have to switch power presets a lot depending on what you do, what abilities you want to use (like in any other sci ship with energy weapons). Sadly such switching takes time and will cost you DPS.

3) The third option is a torp boat, but I have no experience with those whatsoever, so there's nothing pregnant I could say about them.

Personally, I chose the first option for my sci, finally I can taste fine sci wizardry without sacrificing the DPS the ship's weapons offer. If I wanted some sort of sci-scort hybrid, I'd rather choose the Chel Grett, MVAE or the Temporal destroyers.
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