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01-03-2013, 02:26 PM
Wow, you don't even know how torp spread works, do you? It doesn't spread out damage, its a damage multiple on an ability with a maximum number of targets. Since the torpedo damage is already buffed to crazy levels the added damage multiplier to spread is worse.

Yes, I have seen 5 very experienced players go down all from one torpedo spread. But I'm sure you'll come up with some other reason for how bad these people you don't even know. One was our cruiser built to tank in Hive Onslaught.

There is nobody who can keep out of the queen's 90? range for torpedo spread, you can't be closer than 6k or you die, and being so far away with an enemy that can spin around quickly means you are always at risk. The flaky agro she runs is also an issue because it targets anyone and anything, it had a fixing a couple nights ago for the repair platform some KDF was using, which was funny.. but so buggy.
The gate one hit me last night, just boom.. EPtS3 up, full hull and shields, usually I can tank it at point blank range, but it gets lucky and it criticals even though its ability to critical was removed some time ago. Using the blind spot and firing from 9.5k away isn't a valid way to fight, using broken game mechanics is not how the game should be.
I've been hit by Donatra enough times on torpedo spreads, the game lagged severally, one hit.. dead. I had no agro but couldn't control my ship during the lag, thats why one hits are junk.

The spawning bug has never seemed to clear that way for me, I've smack the keyboard, did everything I can think of and flew straight into a unimatrix a few times, others report the same problems. I'll pay more attention to it, but I'm 100% sure I have changed targets with no affect before.