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01-03-2013, 02:39 PM
To the OP. Making a Vanilla and Elite Queue would do nothing but further frustrate many. Because if you take a PvP veteran that knows how things interact and put him in a Vanilla match with say T4 ship and MKX white gear and he still stomps a mud hole into a newcomer that new comer is going to stay out of the "kiddie" pool. If you do not think that will happen challenge any 5 guys in the OPvP channel with a Tier Handicap you get your best PvE buddies and loadout in all the good gear you have and then let the "Vets" come in T4 ships with MKX whites and I guarantee it will be a 15-0 or 15-1 skunking. They need a ladder system that is tied into kills and wins and other stats for healers and CC guys so that you end up teamed will similarly skilled players. And also make the matches a minimum of 3 v 3.
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