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To confirm/clarify above:

Winter Epohh Tags can be dug out of any of the snow piles around the Winter Wonderland. Being in range of a snow pile and clicking or otherwise activating the interact will give you 10 melting snowballs (I think they last an hour?). There's a small chance you'll also get one or more Holiday Collectibles or Epohh Tags.

You can also get the tags from running the Fast and Flurrious race that occurs four times an hour (at x:15, x:22, x:45, and x:52). Race as often as you want (I, personally, really enjoy the challenge, especially when there are many runners, and race all the time).

To race: From the beam-in point, go down the stairs where you'll see a sign directing you to the two races (you want the one that goes towards the right). Travel up the hill to a large wooden platform. If you're anywhere in the Winter Wonderland when the race is about to start you'll see an "announcement" appear in your mission tracker (by default, on the right of your screen). You have 1 minute to get to the platform. Once there you'll see a prompt to accept the race "mission", click on that and you'll flash in a Q-light (which de-transforms you if you have any Q polymorphs in effect). Take any place along the railing and when it's time to race there will be a count down and the bars will drop.

Race hints: When turning sharp corners, rolling will stop your sliding. If you fall off the first cliff, or anywhere else go off the track, you will be disqualified. There is one intentional jump after the second major turn, if you don't jump far enough you'll find yourself sliding down into a small gutter. After you jump, practice doing a second hop as soon as you land, this will usually get you out it.

To finish: As you approach the race finish (another/different wooden platform), you'll see a flashing flag for 1st Place. When you get to that, you have to click the "interaction" button (or press your interact key) to actually take 1st Place. This can be difficult, and if someone is close behind you, it is possible for them to "take it from you" - So not only is it a race to get to the end first, but to be the first person to successfully "capture" the flag.

Once the 1st Place flag is taken (this awards 12 Tags to the winner), a 2nd Place flag will appear to the left, and you can try to go grab that (worth 6 Tags). Then a 3rd Place flag (worth 3 Tags) shows once the 2nd Place is taken. After that, back near where the 1st place flag spawned, a "Finish" flag appears for any remaining racers (giving out 2 Tags each).

Final notes: The wooden platforms are slippery. This is especially important to be aware of on the finish platform. If you miss the 1st Place flag, for instance, it may not be possible to turn around and get to the 2nd Place flag before someone far behind you can grab it (because you may slide far away from it). If you don't think you have a chance at the 1st Place, sometimes it's wise to aim towards where the 2nd or 3rd Place flags will spawn. Or burn on towards 1st or bust, as I usually do (heck, sometimes a person in front of me will miss the 1st Place flag or was disqualified at some point and can't grab the flag, but I won't know it)

Coming in First Place or completing the Fast and Flurrious 20 (or is it 25?) times will get you the Fast and Flurrious accolade and title. It's possible to be the only contestant running if there are no other players at the start of the race. You still get full 1st Place rewards (12 Tags and the Accolade if you don't already have it) even if you "race" by yourself.

Good Luck!

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