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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
i think the one thing i hate is how much EACH store weapon is....freaking 20,540 dilth is nuts.....i understand the dilth for UNIQUE items....but not these weapons....i would rather spend marks to get the weapons than dilth which is needed in everything else in this game -.-
Well I can kind of understand that particular aspect, otherwise it'd be too easy to get high level gear if you only required marks alone. Better would be a cheaper price in dilithium plus marks, and without the need to unlock the store items first. This way you're getting good items that are subsidised by your actions for that faction.

However, the romulan missions could really do with a dilithium reward from the missions; compare to the elite task force omega PvE missions and you can easily max out your dilithium and earn a few hundred Omega Marks to boot by only doing a handful of the missions. Sure they're a bit longer overall than the Romulan missions, but the rewards are just so much better.