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01-03-2013, 03:06 PM
My feedback on S7 (and general STO playing experience):

I was away from the game for few months, left just before S7. Returned, installed, created a character. Played like 20-30 minuts and quit the game. Nothing has changed.

Quick scan through the missions: nope, nothing new. Look at PvP queues: nope, nothing new (or rather: no one, literally). Looked into inventory: yay, grind slots. Looked into C-Store: yay, new ships.

Content? Nope, no new content. Something new to PvP? Nope, nothing new to PvP (as in - there is no PvP at all, at least at start).

So my feedback on season 7 is definitely negative. S7 done nothing to make me want to return or to keep me playing. NOTHING. Repeating all the same, boring storyline I've gone through few dozen times without any hope on something new? No, thank you.

I read the description of season 7 and it's features. But it was so friggin dissapointing to see it with your own eyes.