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01-03-2013, 02:18 PM
1. I HATE CURE! Ground, I can tolerate that up to a certain point, but space is just horrid. Those tiny Birds of Prey can one hit kill the Kang? Not right. No. Not right at all......

2. My Isometric Charge launcher attracts all the attention in the area to me. Even using Blind Targetting Sensors does not work.

3. I get one hit shot from 100% hull down to 10%. Blind their targeting sensors. Use Miracle Worker to get back to 100%. Instantly hit with another one shot to kill me. Cryptic? Why must you do this?

4. Wabbit Season!

I completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE, Optionals included. And I soloed Winter Invasion.
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