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Going on numbers last updated in late November, this was not the case.

Diltihium levels haven't fallen since then, and as you can see quite a lot of hefty sources have even been left out of those listings. Contrary to popular zonechat rethoric, dilithium is not hard to come by, particularly for a reputation system that is designed around a minimum input of 3 hours per week.

Nonsense. I like that more things give dilithium than before. Its still not enough. As I said before season 5, they should have added it to EVERYTHING, not just end game content and dailies and the like.

However, the fact is that it currently takes more time to get the same dilithium (ignoring the foundry daily change). This means there is less dilithium available, because per time invested, you get less. Further, a lot more dilithium is needed than before, which again means less is available because it is a time limited currency.

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I don't want to take anything away from the original post or the well thought out comments made there. However, I do have one simple question...
Why play?

Exactly what I have been asking myself. Why play at all? I've been here since closed beta and played this game through its dullest moments, leveling KDF characters when there was only PVP for them. I've put a lot of effort into offering feedback and pointing out ways to improve the game, wrote a few simple guides, put together the original ship database, and have published some well regarded foundry missions.

Yet I only did any of that because I wanted to play the game. I could play it and have fun. I can't do that now without the shadow of the grind looming over me, which means all the other things I could do that don't involve the grind are far less interesting to me.

It is a very strange dichotomy for sure. I could do things that don't involve grind, but I don't want to because of the very grind I would be avoiding. Perhaps that makes sense, or perhaps not, but that is how it is.

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As a new (7 weeks) f2p player who has spent more on zen than 3 months gold sub... I guess you make some good points. But this is a very simple quick grind. I have 4 days left until t5 Rom/Omega (I didn't start Rep system stuff for at least a week after hitting VA); many of the tier requisition items, 8k Omega marks, 2k Romarks, 180k+ unrefined dil, ~400 Neural Processors - and that's just on my Fed. My newer KDF (~4 weeks) is casually up to t3 on both, with spare marks, tons of BNPs, unrefined dil overflow. Credits have not been a problem, even been outfitting newer fleet members in gear... hell I spend ~20mill a week on lockbox keys just for fun.

6-12 ESTFs a day on each toon... done. Credits/Marks/Dil - easy. Now yes, if you have 10 toons... it's 5 times more effort than my 2 toons - but that math checks out.

And you spend how much time in game? I am certain I don't have nearly as much time as you do. Before season 7, and even 5, I could spend the time I have in game and get more for my time, feel like I accomplished something, or screw around and have fun and just put it off till later because its not some daunting grind that really needs to be dealt with regularly. Worse, is that because its largely time limited, if I DO have the time to really grind stuff, and want to work on a character I can only do so much at one time, like with Romulan marks.

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Blah blah blah
I considered replying to your points, but the utter disrespect with which you presented them has overruled that thought.

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And another thread that really shouldn't be called feedback, because again, no suggestions for improvements, just complaints.
You either did not read my entire post, or have no idea what "suggestions for improvements" actually means. I'm honestly confused because you then went on to claim one of those very suggestions ridiculous, with nothing to even support your assertion. So thank you for posting. Next time please read and comprehend what was written.