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01-03-2013, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by jmfjohn View Post
I've a question: playing around in the interface I right-click-dragged the abilities from the officers slots (in space mode). This didn't remove the abilities from their slots, just the keybindings for the abilities (i.e. alt+1, alt+2).

How can I get these keybindings back?

There are multiple ways. It depends on if you use custom keybinds or not. If not, you can always reset your keybinds back to default, which will return the alt+1 keybinds. I am not in game at the moment to tell you the exact steps, but I believe there is a reset button from the Options/Keybinds tab on the bottom left. There is also a slash command, /unbind_all.

If you use existing keybinds, you could always recreate them in your bind file:

alt+1 "+TrayExecByTray 1 0"