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01-03-2013, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by sireravyn View Post
Then i guess it has a glitch. any way around it?
I know it is late in answering... but just in case you or someone else still has the problem.

If you load a bind file and nothing changes, it more than likely means your syntax was incorrect. You can test this by importing the bind file and then immediately exporting it to another file name. If your [new] command does not show up then the syntax was wrong in the beginning portion of the keybind. If it was in the execution portion, then the keybind usually gets saved, but it will show up as an error when used.

Just as the OP, I use descriptive tags in my bind file so that I can find a section easily. When imported into the game, these tags are just ignored. If I export my bindings, those don't show up. I am thinking that this might be your issue, if you put extra 'stuff' before the named key, the whole line will just be ignored. For example:

bind c "+crouch" will work in a slash command but would not work in a keybind file. But:

c "+crouch" will work for a bind file, but not on a slash command.