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For part 40:
  • If you don't want your bridge officers to go in 'guns blazing', there's buttons to the left of your party's portraits to individual control them, including the ability to put them on passive mode, as well as on top to give orders to your entire away team.
  • One of your ground abilities is the ability to recharge your own shields, if you need it.
  • You can also control who your bridge officer attacks with the commands on the sides. A handy shortcut is 'y' (by default) will tell them to focus fire on your currently selected target.
  • A reminder, you can use the 'F' key to interact with most things, including looting, talking, or interacting with consoles.
  • I like the voices you did!
  • If you wish, you can turn off auto-hail from NPCs in the options.
  • Once you use the datachips, you can read the actual contents of it in your Accolades
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