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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Thanks, you don't mention use of keybinds but it does list 2 A2Bs is keybinding them a good idea?
if you use 2 AtB, key binds are a must, you will need to activate it every 10 seconds. in my thread i linked to a GUI that can make keybinds for you, just assign a key to an action and it will generate it for you. its in the table of contents

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I have been yelling about the disparity between dual heavys, beam arrays and the general suckyness of fed cruisers that result from it for since the bloody game begun. thx for getting wise to the fact.
a great many of us have been saying this forever, weapons orther ten DHCs are in sorry shape since forever. this thread is my annual public complaint about them on the forums.
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