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01-03-2013, 04:29 PM
The ground troops in "Nor the Battle to the Strong" were seen only briefly but had a different uniform, sort of Starfleet-esque but with different shoulder colors. The fanbase, including myself, always calls them marines but they were never referred to on air as such. Certainly could have been in the script or in the script writer's notes or something, not sure where it came from.

I kinda think that normally Starfleet and the Federation would not have a standing army. It would have planetary security forces (some local, some starfleet) plus the security detachments that float around on the starships. However, during a war on the scale of the Dominion War it would kinda have to establish an army. Starships are great, but they can't take and hold ground and in this case you'd need a force capable of taking and holding whole planets, several at a time even. We just never saw them on screen. Couldn't do The Longest Day on DS9's budget, haha.
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