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Nonsense. I like that more things give dilithium than before. Its still not enough. As I said before season 5, they should have added it to EVERYTHING, not just end game content and dailies and the like.

However, the fact is that it currently takes more time to get the same dilithium (ignoring the foundry daily change). This means there is less dilithium available, because per time invested, you get less. Further, a lot more dilithium is needed than before, which again means less is available because it is a time limited currency....

...You either did not read my entire post, or have no idea what "suggestions for improvements" actually means. I'm honestly confused because you then went on to claim one of those very suggestions ridiculous, with nothing to even support your assertion. So thank you for posting. Next time please read and comprehend what was written.
Ok. So for starters, allow me to call major BS on your claim that it takes longer to get Dil than before. Let's take your normal method of getting Dil... your average ESTF. Yes, it only gives 960 dil, but guess what, it gives 60-100+ omega marks. And guess what? You can turn those omega marks into dilithium. So your ESTF will actually have the potential to give you 1460-1960 dil, whereas the S6 ones only gave you 1100... hm... Also the difficulty and time it takes is about the same. Hm... I can really see how that's been reduced.

Next up, the dil mining daily. That's 7 minutes of your life that used to give 500 dil, a time taken that has never changed. Now it gives 1000. I can see how that's been greatly reduced. As for fleet actions? They used to give jack crap in dil. Now they reliably give you 480-960 (plus another 960 if you are doing the fleet daily one). I can see how that's been greatly reduced as well.

I can see how dil income has been greatly reduced considering how horribly long it takes to get now. Thank you for the edification.

As for me commenting that you are just whining? Um... take a step back, get off your high horse, get your head out of your rear, and actually read your post. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, since I too am suffering from the dil sink (my zen income has dropped exponentially ever since I started the projects for the rep system... 32k for a piece of romulan/reman space gear HURTS...), but about 3 paragraphs in, I stopped taking you seriously, about halfway through your post my head hurt from the sheer amount of whining, and after I finished reading your post (yes bonehead, I actually read your whole post, and ironically enough a large amount of this entire thread too), I just couldn't understand why you could justify all that complaining.

You never asked how to make it easier to do. I know a ton of players that went through the rep system, got to tier 5, and NEVER complained. They looked around, found easy ways to get it done, and just did it. It's just frankly astonishing that you found almost NOTHING you liked about the new system.

Here's a few changes that were GOOD.

Reman mk XII purple set: now you don't have to grind the vault like a madman. You have a guaranteed (albeit rather long) method of getting that gear. You don't have to rely on your DOffs (many of which I know many of us wish we could shoot out an airlock), and you just need dil, exp, some power cells, replicators, and marks. All of which can be gotten with moderate ease (albeit the 32k dil is a little pricey, but hey, it's supposedly top end gear, so I guess it can be justified).

Omega Gear (mk XII): now guaranteed method of getting it. I can get it in the space of a few days, as opposed to weeks of running the same mission over and over and over, and being rewarded with the headache of someone else getting the proto tech and me being stuck with a few EDCs and some PoS blue drop.

That's two examples from each rep system of a change that was an improvement. And your thread is whining. Nothing more. Some players may agree with you, but there are others who like the fact that there is now a guaranteed way of getting these items. And as for the dil sink? Top of the line gear costs dil. Fleet gear, Spiral waves, other goodies. And since STF gear is considered high end and top of the line, guess what, it now costs equal to the rest of the gear in it's class.
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