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01-03-2013, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
Well, in the interests of fairness, they would charge the usual huge ammount of dilithium for the console, you wouldn't get it for free.
Except it would be getting it for free, sure you can pay 2500 Zen and get it on selected ships as they are part of the package.

Yes, it would be less than the ship, but with the Defiant and Gal-X, you were getting the console AND the ship.

I am getting a ship with a console that CANNOT BE USED on another ship, Cloak only works on the Defiant-R and Galaxy-X.

With few exceptions VA ships in the Zen Store come with a unique console that can only be used on the ship it comes with, now T5 ships come with consoles that CAN be used on other ships.

This is like ripping off the Tal'Kyr Support Craft from the D'Kyr and giving it away with a "Dilithium cost" to be "fair".

Even they put those Transwarp Coils in the Dilithium Store they did not made the Excelsior irrelevant as they are consumables.

I'm sure that if PWE thinks they can get enough money for it, they will put it in.
And I show you back the "Dilithium cost" vs "Zen Points sale" ... mine was certainly brought with cash and PWE have no reasons to complain about me, the Reputation system exists so people go around doing dailies ... spending hours in the game, not spending Zen on it.