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01-03-2013, 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by kebron1 View Post
I don't know why you are having problems. I live in the States and just redeemed 3 20.00 cards for the full 20.00 amount and I got the bonus zen fro mthe promotion. There was no partial charge for me, nor was I only able to redeem under 20.00 as you said.
If that's the case, good for you.
Then it seems only people in canada are having that problem then. It asks for 20.68. I suppose there's a charge for others who aren't in USA. Which is stupid, really, because you already pay taxes on the card - in which case 13% tax on 20 is 22.60 plus the 68 more that it asks when you try and use it comes to 23.28.

P.S. I used the card but could only use about 15 dollars worth. i got the bonus for 10 but when i use 5 dollars more i didn't get any bonus on that 5 dollars. So i've been doubly screwed over.
I just bought PWE cards. After being pissed off with that idiotic UGC promotion i don't care about the bonus anymore.

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