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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
I agree with both olivia211 and emperordeslok: on the one hand its your choice and as long as the Fleet(s) do not have some internal policy directing its members one way or another, then it's ultimately up to you and your conscience. On the other hand, keeping all your toons in the same Fleet benefits them all (and ultimately the one Fleet through 100% of your efforts to support it).

the choice is yours and have no regrets. It's just a game, so have fun the way *you* want to have fun with it
I disagree with both above and wrong all depends on the fleet you want to join in. Some large fleets (corporate type) won't allow you to have your characters in two different fleets. Yes...very easy to check from your domain name and they will ask you to choose or withdraw. I have been at least with 2 different large and "popular" fleets that required that. Every good fleet has a code...get to know it and read it...worst case ask around before you get in trouble. Smaller T1/T2 fleets dont care about it and probably better off with them...ultimately agreed that it's your choice