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Originally Posted by zunderdome View Post
Bug on gateway:

Modifying the URL >>> (char@handle) makes it possible watch any players ship-/char-equiptment. Every browser seems to make this get real.

That isn't as intended i think. And hey, this bug is a heavy fail on privacy...
I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug. And more than that, I definitely do think it is intentional.

Part of the whole point of Gateway is to provide a means of sharing your profile to whoever, much in the same way as WoW's Armory app (for web and mobile devices). This isn't any more of a privacy breach than the WoW Armory's ability for players to look up other players or even entire guilds of players, complete with their equipment breakdowns, achievements, reputation levels, guild levels and skill talent trees.

You're seeing player character names and @handles. Both of these are readily visible in-game just by clicking on people's characters or seeing them chat in-game. You're seeing their active ships, weapons/gear, their BOffs, and their equipment, most of which can be readily deduced in-game as well. If the revelation of these things feel like a violation of privacy, I'm not sure I would recommend playing a game in an environment shared with other people.

You're NOT seeing Account names (@handles are not account names), Zen balances, or even Dilithium or Energy Credit balances. Even the data that you do see does not seem to be updated live. It's whatever the player logged out with last.

If I would change anything (other than more features which are supposed to be coming in the future anyway), it would be to not require a PWE login to view character pages. As a tool for sharing character info, it makes it very difficult to actually share this info to my gaming community; some of whom aren't currently playing STO (or even other Cryptic/PWE games). While you could make the argument that this is a F2P game and making a free account is pretty simple and painless, it's still another step that non-players have to take just to see a character web page I'm linking to them. And making it a hassle for them to see the types of characters and ships you can make in this game doesn't help bring them in either.

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