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01-03-2013, 05:47 PM
You know I made Omega Tier 5 today. I went in to get ready to start preparing the unlocking of the MkXII Omega Ground set and SPace Sets and nearly died from a massive coronary infarction. The material cost for a MkXII to that of a MkXI is really steep. This lead me to compare the costs of a MkX to MkXI. Well same thing here.
When you compare the stat increase from MkX to MkXI and MkXI to MkXII the cost in material isn't justified when you compare the minor increase in the equipment's abilities. This is the case even with the MACO and Omega Space Sets. SO I am assuming that this is the same for the Reman MkXII very rare when compared to the Reman MkXII rare Space Set.

I feel that for the slight increase in abilities that is given, the material cost for each item is to steep. Either a more aggressive increase in ability scores needs to be presence when compared to the steep increase in material cost between a MkX to MkXI or MkXI to MkXII. Or the material costs needs to be lower to justify the minor increase in each ability score.

The Romulan Plasma energy weapons was also a big disappointment when I compared them to my Advanced Fleet plasma energy weapons. I use Damage x 3, Accuracy Advanced Fleet weapons. For the material costs that I used to unlock these weapons and the additional cost in purchasing them I expected a powerful weapon when I compared it to my Advanced Fleet weapons. NOPE! Big disappointment. And I am lead to understand that the difference between an Advanced Fleet weapon and an Elite Fleet weapon is so minor, but the cost is greatly increased.

The whole point of this is this. If you are going to require such a large amount of material to unlock items and to scale up your base to get such items. Such items needs to be worth the cost and time it took to get them.