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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
For normals yes. But you can run normals in a ship with no consoles. For elites, no. You are focusing too much on energy damage defense, when the majority of damage in elites comes from torps. Also your builds aren't tank focused enough. Your oddy is just horrible, your Intrepid isn't focused, and your patrol escort is probably one of the only ones that doesn't need a complete overhaul.

For your oddy, please please PLEASE take those SIF generators off. Replace them with another neutronium and a monotanium. If you aren't concerned with dealing damage you can leave your sci consoles and your weapons as is.

Your intrepid should either run full beams or full cannons. None of this mix and match. And your science consoles should either be set to healing or set to damage output with your abilities.

Tbh, we can't give you ANY recommendations without knowing your full loadouts, including but not limited to your BOff layout, ALL of your consoles, exact weapons, shields/engines/deflectors, your DOffs, and the exact ship it's being used on.
This is not my load out it is some one elses and I was just asking why were you the only one to answer and tak it seriously.
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