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01-03-2013, 05:59 PM
If all people are going for is the Mk XII Gear MACO/OMEGA what is the point in haveing the MK X MK XI gear in the reputation system. If peole are moaning about The old system being unfair because it was to Random then what is the point in playing.... The entire game is based on random drops. The lock box's are a random drop where the game will only release a ship at a certain time through out the day. Drops in STF's Compleatly random. Why is it you get Green MK X gear in an Elite and Blue MK XI, Is this not Random. Or do we need a reputaion system to get random drops.

We could have a General reputation system that levels with your Captain. Starting at lvl1 you get LVL 1 gear and so on until LvL 50 where you can unlock MK XII purple gear. But instead of using E?C to buy them it will charge us a mixture Od Dilithium E/C latinum Omega marks Romulan marks. This way we can be 100% sure to get that MK XII purple Phaser rely you been wanting for the last year or so and the Neutronium Alloy MK XII for just as long. Is this not just as important as the MACO gear. Is it not worth just as much and needed also. This way we can be sure we get what we want with no risk of CHANCE or randomnisity ingame. This way we can all out fit our ships get the same gear same build and be all the same. Peolpe want things to easily with hardly any work. The random drop was more of a suprise and felt you worked with something of reward at the end. We still knew how to geth the Gear. What STF's to run to get what. Was a case of just doing it. They could easily have increased the drop rate and took into account who had the gear already and who didnt.