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01-03-2013, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
What bothers me is when a Premade will go into the Ques with the seeming goal to dry up the Ques and run everyone out of them. Not to give a challenge to them selves or the other pugs and premades they run into, but to make everyone's lives miserable just for that sake alone.

Using tactics like: Tric Bomb + Warp Pee + Danube Pets + Theta + AMS + Grav Pulse + Tachyon Mines

Those are obviously not in balance, and cause nothing but grief, yet they get used more and more by those said fleets with their premades. As if that is the only way they know how to win. This is especially worse on in the FvK ques, as the KDF players seem more interested in using said tactics then other wise.

I haven't seen TSI doing those things lately. But then again I haven't seen much of TSI at all in the Ques. Maybe the ques just don't like to put me up against them. lol
This is pretty much what I dislike about premades. It's bad enough you're entering the pugs with an optimized pre-made team that will likely perform much, much better than the pugmades you'll be coming across. . .but rubbing people's noses in it by using broken/spammable skills and sci-spam? That's just a **** move. The fact that people do that is one of the reasons I don't queue for arenas and C+H, and only do those when it's a private pugmade. I prefer Ker'rat, because that way you can just enter and leave when you want, and the combat is fluid. Nothing better than seeing the tables turned on people who are abusing broken skills.