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Originally Posted by haldan1968 View Post
The Defiant shuttle bay is indeed problematic. Even looking at the official schematic for that ship, the shuttle placement is just flat out wrong. Look at the schematic closely and you will notice that it falls far too low to be located in the center of the ship, and MUST be somewhere inside the nacelles (which makes zero sense), because that is the only part of the ship that sits that low.

In light of that, it could still be included at the far end of the engineering section (there is even a door there already on the Belfast map that leads to nowhere.. one of many in fact).

But I do feel your point is valid, and perhaps some of the more unique interiors would not have a shuttle bay interior. I would just be happy if any one of the interiors would have one.
You want to see something really weird?

Get on a cloakign Defiant and look at the bottom of the ship. The circle, the shuttle bay, has doors that LOOK like they were designed to open.