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01-03-2013, 06:43 PM
I say who cares if somebody has asked for anything before if you want it ask again.

They stepped in the shuttlebay mess themselves.. The embassy has a shuttle hangar there are ground missions with shuttlebays even ship based missions with a shuttle bay. Why not just put that on the engineering deck or i assume it would be easier to make another deck with just the shuttlebay.

we have 2 decks on our ships plus the bridge.. even the defiant had more than 2 decks so adding a deck would not be a big problem lore/canon wise. If anything it would help with the feel of the ship. You would think that Cryptic would have designed more than one unique interior for sale on the zen store. They have several diffrent bridge variants already. The Belfast tells us that it is possible to have a unique interior. So in reality it comes down to them designing and implimenting things in game that many players have asked for many times over.

Of course they will respond about their limited staff. Really the way to make your player base happy and get them to spend more money in game is give them what they are begging to spend money on.

As for missions on the ship that i could see an issue with custom interiors. The mission would have to be programed and would not be able to detect your specific interior and adapt to that interior.