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Originally Posted by ikimoe View Post
I was wondering, how many tags do you need for the pets?
And do they grow in size or something?

I'm still 11h away from the "Research" to finish and have 160 tags.
Will I be able to get a pet with those?
Six tags lets you do the Winter Epohh Research. After that ends you'll get an Epohh pet, the smallest one. From there you can re-run the Research assignment with another six tags, and start another assignment to get your baby Epohh to grow in size, every 20hrs increasing it until it becomes a fully grown Elder. You don't have to let it keep growing, leave it at whatever size you prefer. You can keep it as a pet or sell it for Romulan marks at any time (you get more Marks the older it is). If you get a crit at any point during the "growth" you get a decorated Epohh (like one with bows or ear muffs). These are worth more when turned in for Marks.

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