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01-03-2013, 07:07 PM
as much as i love the excel....

i think it shines with a tac or sci captain.

engineers should focus on healing and constant suppression damage, and i think that this ship is great for the suppression, a little heal light....but not by much...

my advice would be to simply use, instead of faw or overloads and beta....mess around with attack pattern delta, and omega.

delta can be used on yourself, or an ally, its a great power....beta is to easily cleared by tac team, too many people running 2 copies of at max...i see people get 3 out of 5 possible good seconds on a target to get the milage out of it....not a great return on your ltcm tac spot...

omega is just the god of all attack patterns....if you are not a tac that is. it boosts weapons damage, defense...and gives you turn rate and speed boosts.... which all would be great for maxing your agility to lay down that plasma....i can see you prolly have fun with it, i know i do...

other than that, i think your build looks solid.

have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-

edit: a great note about delta: if you apply it to yourself...and the guy you plasma is targeting you, he gets a hull debuff....which also lends to your DEM.....melt away

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