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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Thing is, the basic Corsair is a 2 parts cruiser and 1 part carrier while the Fleet Corsair is 1 part cruiser, 1 part science, and 1 part carrier. So I was looking to start discussion on how to best use its unusual layout.
Ah I see. Your refering to the boff layout and extra sci console as to the 1 part sci.

Comparing the Retrofit Corsair with the Fleet Corsair, the Retrofit has 7 engineering power and only 3 sci powers while the Fleet has has 5 Engineering powers and 5 science powers. Add the science console.

Aux is more important to the Fleet Corsair, high Aux drops the fighter relaunch cooldowns and powers many of the extra sci powers that the Fleet Corsair gets.

So what ways are thier to boost your minium AUX power levels?

Oh side note I think I know what skill influences how much your Orion Slavers steal, for those that want to steal more contraband.

Flow Capacitors is listed as a skill that buffs them, but Flow Capacitors buffs Shield and Energy Drain powers, which the Slavers don't have. What they do have is a loot drain, aka EC, Commodities, Contraband, Crew capture. So my guess is the Flow Capacitors effects the raiding ability of the Slavers.

I have flow capacitors maxed, even though I don't have energy drain or shield drain powers because sto wiki said it was a buff skill for Slavers and I netted Contraband on my first mission (the one where you end up attacking Utopia at Mars). Could be wrong, but it makes sense.