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01-03-2013, 08:44 PM
Science pilots wanted a buff, and we got a hell of a jump from the devs when they released this ship. I got the entire set for a mate for Christmas, and he loves it. After seeing what his UI was like, and how well the ship worked, I got one myself, and holy crap...

It's not just the awesome aux powered cannons, but everything else as well. The sheer amount of abilities is staggering. You get a perfect shield, like on the Intrepid-R, you get a sick bonus too slipstream, which helps with tour, you get the phaser lance that actually works, you get a flight deck hanger bay, you get speed and agility, you get cannons, you get serious team healing and awesome CC abilities, the list goes on and on.

I actually find myself looking at the powers bars (There has too be five of them too see all the powers and items) occasionally wondering, "What does that button do?"

Fit is as follows:

Fore Weapons: Aux Cannons, Dual Beam Phaser Banks Mk XII Very Rare, Aux Cannons
Aft Weapons: 3x Phaser Turrets Mk XII Very Rare
Mk XII Omega Set

Tac Consoles: 2x Phaser Relays Mk XII Very Rare, Deflector Dish Phaser Lance
Science Consoles: 2x Particle Generators Mk XII Very Rare, Stealth Module Mk XII Very Rare, Photonic Displacer, Fermion Transceiver
Eng Consoles: RCS Mk XII Very Rare, Wave Function Module

Boff slots:
Tac Lieutenant: Tac Team I, CRF I
Uni Ensign: E2S I
Eng Lieutenant: E2S I, A2Sif I
Uni Lt. Commander: Sci Team I, Polarize Hull II, Photonic Shockwave I
Sci Commander: Hazard I, Feedback Pulse I, Mask Energy Signature III, Gravity Well III

Doffs are trio of Tac Team Conn officer, a Gravimetric Officer, and a Deflector Officer, all very rare

It's sort of a hunter/killer, or a multi purpose vessel. Ever since I got her, I haven't lost her, which amazes me coming from a science vessel.