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01-03-2013, 08:16 PM
Short term:
1 Fix the pidgin/jabber/XMPP client so i can chat to my fleets I am gold in CO and STO.
2 add an option to not gain leveling XP when sending out duty officers.
I Absolutly love the Doff system id love to see something like it in CO and NWO its so unique and awsome however. Im almost level 40 and ive left earth dock maybe 3 times
3 Id like to be able to summon my first officer as a non combat pet in spacedock.

Cosmetic/medium term:
1 uniform diversity,
having 2 differnt catigories for off duty makes me less likly to want to buy paid content I dont buy outfits to have the same dress as everyone else. Optimally just get rid of the catagories all together its not like they make up wear a uniform in combat.

2 hair variety
medium length hair, more long hair, we got 1000 short hair and a bunch of buns/pigtails ponytails but very few just above the sholder length hairs. more long hair is also nice maybe a long sleek. braids are also nice.

3 Ship officer customization:
be nice to have a "uniform" for random ppl on my ship and generic security officers be really nice to be able to "place" a duty officer or bridge officer in a certian spot on my ship.

Long term(dreams):
1-Finish KDF
before you even think of adding a third faction, give them more outfit options at least give them some of the off duty options. see my comment on hairs, it will also be nice if the colour options for kdf offered colours other than red,white,black, and shades of mud some decent greens would be nice maybe some golds that didnt look like vomit. i know your going for grit and dirt here but seriously you can have PINK wepons thanks to winter.

2 add special race features to "alien"
weather it be a perk for buying a lot of ferisian or borg player/bridgeofficer content
or a costume pack for 550zen, or maybe even part of a large 2000 zen bundle including playability of both types of catfolk a special catfolk off duty outfit. Id like to put cattails/heads ect on my aliens

3 Ship upgrade/reskin option
instead of getting a new strange ship ever 10 levels, (or 2 days of Doff missions) id prefer having the option to...upgrade my old ship to be as good as next level of ships. or reskin the new ship to look like it even if this takes Zen or dilitium.

at level 20 i found my perfect ship it was awsome it was perfect... it was outleveled before i left spacedock. every ship since has been ...meh. id perfer this to having the same ship that everyone buys cause it has cool stats or cause they won it doing 25 days of races.

id also be more likly to buy ship slots if i knew id keep ships for more than a week at best.
also have similar issues about ship colours all looking like mud.