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I?ve even got an idea for that overarching plot thread. I?ve been thinking about all the complaints that the Federation in STO isn?t the one we know and love. Wars on every front, ignoring the prime directive, etc etc. Maybe there?s a reason for that. Maybe there?s something rotten at the heart of the Federation government, harkening back to ?Conspiracy? from TNG, heck maybe its even those same aliens. IDK, but let?s take it on ourselves to explain over the course of a season why the Federation is what it is today and maybe give the player a chance to change it back. What do you think?
I've thought about this several times, on why Cryptic went that route. I think they did it on purpose, so Cryptic could be able to do what they want to do with the Star Trek Theme, and to let players do what they want to do. This is likely because that STO is theme based, and not sandbox. If STO were sandbox. We players could do so so so much more than what we can do now.

And to note on the mission series, I think its a good idea. We'd need to definitely sit down and talk which way we'd want to go, who would be responsible for what, etc. If authors could collaborate more than just talk, that be better (like have the ability to share maps that you've made with others).

On that note, I have a some suggestions for a plot line for a Foundry Season:

Borg assimilate Earth, destroy the Federation, or most of it. Or they could also go back in time and succeed in doing what Picard prevented them from doing in First Contact, and the only Federation survivors are you and a task force that followed you into the time portal to try and stop the Borg. Then since they succeeded you'd have to find a way to restore the timeframe.

Klingons win the war, and seriously hurt the Federation, maybe even conquer the Federation. Federation then becomes part of the Klingon Empire.

Mirror Universe agents find a way to join the two universes, thusly making the Terran Empire exist in both. You are one of few remaining independents set out to thwart the Empire, or as a twist, you become part of them.
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