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01-03-2013, 09:37 PM
I think people are missing the point about this T4 passive.

The placate activates when YOU as the owner of the passive, critical hits something or someone. On a cannon rapid fire, you're most likely going to be placating your current target. At best, that target will be interrupted from doing the aforementioned abilities. Key word, the target that has been crit will be placated.

However, if the owner of the passive uses an AOE delivery of their criticals, then it is possible that the entire team will be placated. But, the player has pretty much sacrificed so much directed DPS that their damage will only be effective in destroying anything small or low in HP.

To conclude, if anyone does use the AOE tactic with the T4, they really aren't a threat... They're just annoying at best...

I personally do not have the passive employed on any of my ships currently, and I am debating if I even should.