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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
reading this thread just makes me want to say....

its all the pilot folks.

toys are toys....1 trick ponies every 3 minutes that i laugh off all the time....most pvp veterans in this game do....they are an annoyance at most....

gear will get you another 15% production out of your ship for any given combo....maybe 20% in some areas...this will also do nothing if you face someone who is a good pilot, and knows how to fly his ship, and when to use his powers against you.

have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-
So If I were just a better pilot I could solo that jem hadar ship in my tier 5 instead of needing two or three others to assist me? I've only ever killed one of these solo in Kerrat and it required total surprise, and was aided by the fact he/she had taken 1/3rd damage already and not healed up, lol.

I was very competitive before the introduction of the shinies, both ground and space pvp. Ceteris Parabus i'm like 60-65 on a 1-100. I know my place and I'm cool with it. That 15 to 20% you mention is a big deal I believe, especially against a premade team.

I didn't really mean to start a thread to argue with the PvP folks. I just want integration with PvE players via an in-your-face event or two, and more options for people like myself that would PvP daily if some changes were made.

If the consensus is I'm a whiner or naive or am asking for things you don't really want, such as disabling a group from queuing together so they can effectively abuse newer folks, don't post anymore and the thread will quietly drop off the page.

I feel you brush me aside from the vantage point of somebody that is near the top of the pack. Think about the barriers for the rest of us. If you're a 3 to 1 favorite in base level gear, then you get a nice ship and top of the line items on it... that's too big a divide for me. If you're organized on a team of like players, why the hell should I even queue? Might as well afk, or in my case go PvE some more.

Here's a question for ya: Which one of you elite pvp fleets would take me in if I told you I fly a tier five ship in mk xi gear and that's the best I'll ever use?